Watch our Get Ready video: "One Chance (To Get Ready)"


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Do you know what to do to prepare for disasters? APHA’s Get Ready campaign does.

Watch our music video, inspired by Drake’s “One Chance,” for tips on packing your stockpile, taking shelter and more. Check out our staff in action and get information for planning for disasters. Don’t miss your one chance!


One Chance (To Get Ready)
Baby, let’s get ready

Wind’s fast paced
Storm’s on the way
Could today be doomsday?
Streets not safe
Think we better run away
Even the trees now sway
Oh please, oh please, don’t let the power go out, oh please
I pray to make it out in one piece
I pray, I pray

I have a one chance
Thankful that I prepped beforehand
Made a plan long ago
Now safety’s my highest priority
That’s why I need a stockpile
‘Cause now it’s finally worthwhile
Wanna see tomorrow
The power keeps going out on me

Baby, let’s get ready

Food and water
All that I’m wishing for my friends
Nobody makes it without plans
That’s what Get Ready recommends
You know you gotta think early
Two times a year, supply me
I don’t wanna fear the lightning
We’ve got no time

Flood, storm, drought or avalanche
An emergency on my hands
Canned fruits and vegetables
All the granola bars I could need
Let’s shelter in place
Crank a radio with my hand
Three-day water supply
For everyone in my community

Got a first-aid kit and it’s fully supplied
Blanket, band-aids, medications
A three day water supply
Flashlight, whistle, duct tape and scissors
Peanut, butter and jelly
Pack up and have it accessible
Oh, yeah, non-perishables
Pack up and have it accessible

Tell me, I need to know, where do you wanna go?
‘Cause what if there’s, a tornado
We need somewhere to go
Where, where, where
Where, where, where, where
Where, where, where
Where, where, where
‘Cause what if there’s
No place to go
We need a plan

I have a one chance
We’ll be able to withstand
If we have nowhere to go
My family can depend on me
I have a one chance
Disasters are always unplanned
But if we get ready
Then we can emerge safely

Thanks to our 2016 Get Ready intern team for writing, filming, performing and editing this video!